One of the Most Popular Health Movements for 2017…Plus, a Great Opportunity

09 February

For years, the Paleo diet has been one of the most popular diets.

However, as of December 3, 2016, more people searched on Google for the Ketogenic diet than for the Paleo diet.

And the popularity of keto is only growing due to it’s many health benefits versus just being a temporary trend. Here at MASHUP™ we strongly emphasize that nutrition is 80% while effective exercise and other healthy lifestyle factors are 20% of the equation in order to have a healthy body composition. There are several nutrition plans that can benefit various types of individuals with different needs and personal preferences and this is just one of the ones that is grounded in science and has seemed to help many people. As always, we encourage everyone to know the facts before embarking on a new nutrition plan and find the one that works best for them.

If you keep reading, we’ll show you why being in a ketogenic state has become so popular and the many benefits you can get (mental clarity, more energy, weight loss, etc.).

Let’s start here…

The Basics of Keto

Ketogenic nutrition focuses on using “ketones” and fat as fuel for your body – rather than glucose (sugar).

Whenever your body doesn’t have much glucose, it naturally produces more ketones by breaking down fats. This is how your body adapts to periods when sugary and starchy foods aren’t available.

Maintaining a state of ketosis causes your body to rely more on ketones – and it does this primarily by limiting the amount of sugars and starches you eat.

The result is that your body burns fats rather than sugars, you feel full more of the time, and you gain greater energy and mental clarity.

Is Keto Nutrition Effective?

The main reason why ketogenic nutrition has gotten so popular is because it works. Many integrative or holistic natural health physicians have turned to this for helping patients prevent and eradicate cancer from their bodies (it starves cancer cells and keeps the healthy ones healthy) along with the prevention or management of many other health conditions. Plus, there’s growing research suggesting that a ketogenic eating plan can help prevent neurological diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. And historically, keto has been used with great success to treat epilepsy in children.

In fact, for quick weight loss and increased energy, keto nutrition is often better than any other kind. This is particularly true for folks with high blood sugar or with a lot of weight to lose.

But it’s also true for anyone seeking more productivity and higher energy levels.

While keto is a great tool for fast and effective weight loss, many people like it so much, they end it doing it for years at time. Feeling amazing is quite addictive, after all…

And it’s not just weight loss and mental clarity that people rave about. Keto nutrition also tends to give you better moods as well as better sleep.


What do You Eat to be in Ketosis?

For the most part, a ketogenic eating plan utilizes mostly green veggies and occasional fruits such as berries for carbohydrates which naturally keeps your total carb count on the lower side of things so that your body burns fat for fuel.

You eat real foods but avoid the really starchy or sugary ones like many fruits (think pineapples and bananas), tubers (like sweet potatoes and parsnips), and sugars (like honey or maple syrup).

Instead, you eat lots of healthy fats (like coconut oil, ghee, tallow, lard, olive oil, avocado oil) and non-starchy vegetables, along with berries, nuts, seeds, meats, fish, and other seafood.

A Great Keto Opportunity

You’ve probably tried many different nutrition plans before. So you know that it can get expensive to buy new foods, new books, and new cookbooks.

That’s why we want to tell you about the 2017 Keto Diet Bundle It’s only available for 5 days this year – February 7th to 11th, 2017.

This event includes pretty much everything you need to get amazing results on a keto diet…

There are over 84+ weeks of meal plans and 10+ keto cookbooks (from awesome experts like Maria Emmerich, Mellissa Sevigny, Martina Slajerova, Leanne Vogel, Patricia Daly, Tasteaholics, and Vivica Menegaz). That’s hundreds and hundreds of delicious recipes to keep you going.

There’s also a ketogenic ecourse as well as beginner keto ebooks explaining step-by-step what you’ll need to focus on.

There are even discounts on various keto foods – including discounts to Fatworks, Keto Krate, Keto Kookie, and even a free 16.9 oz carton of bone broth from Kettle & Fire. And if you need help with sleep or fitness, there are ebooks to help you with those aspects too.

Plus, the first 500 US-based purchasers will get a free sample of Perfect Keto’s ketone supplement (with free shipping).

If you’re on a keto diet (or are thinking about trying it), then please check this event out before it’s too late:

You won’t regret it, and you’ll save countless hours and hundreds of dollars.

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