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Really great resource COMING SOON!

06 October

You will soon have the opportunity to attend this no-cost online event airing from October 13-20. A team of experts including doctors and other health educated individuals are speaking amongst several other  experts in family health. We are so excited to be able  to offer you a single resource that encompasses everything we are passionate about in helping you […]

Eat and Drink What You Are Made Of!

11 August

More than half of your body weight is water. Water is essential to our survival. Your body’s percentage of water is also a measure of your health. In general, men should aim for a total body water percentage between 50% and 65 %, while the ideal range for women is between 45 and 60 percent. […]

Balance Your HIIT Workout to Keep You Injury Free

04 August

Have a bad knee, back or other injury? People are afraid to aggravate old injuries. Therefore, they pass up HIIT workouts every day which has prevented many from experiencing the numerous benefits of HIIT training. If you train in a balanced style of interval training you can stay injury free and get in the fitness […]

Dark Chocolate for Good Guts

02 July

  More often than not we encounter clients who have gut problems no doubt caused by our country’s poor eating epidemic. It seems like more and more research is proving it does not matter how hard we work out if we do not monitor what we put in our mouth. We hear a lot of […]

Are You Tired, Sore, or Stressed?

18 May

Do you want to sleep better, get better workout recovery and be less stressed out? Almost 80% of Americans are deficient in magnesium and many symptoms will let you know you need more magnesium in your diet. Magnesium is in more than 300 different enzymes in your body, making it responsible for a host of […]

Forget the Old Rules of Cardio

15 May

The long time recommendation to do long sessions of steady state cardiovascular exercise is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Many ask how can it not be considered healthy when it has been for so long. We are not saying it’s not healthy because doing something is better than nothing. However, when you get […]

Podcast Interview about 5XM system with SOCRAVE!

12 May

Learn about the ins and outs of what makes 5XM a 5X more effective system for individuals to subscribe to in order to achieve optimal wellness. iTunes: Android:    

Healthy Moms Rule

11 May

Moms do so much for us that most of us never stop to think about all the things they have taught us over the years until this very special day comes around.  Moms have such a powerful influence on their children.  Many things they teach us happen without even saying a word.  Being healthy is […]

What Does Your Diet Look Like Everyday?

14 March

Forget Diet Trends and Fads and Start Living Healthier Everyday! We are excited to partner with the Sunflower Shoppe located in Fort Worth and Colleyville, Texas, to bring a go to resource for individuals needing help revamping their lifestyle habits; especially since physical activity is only one small piece of the puzzle when it comes to […]

Latest News: Yes, Short Intense Workouts Do Work

09 March

Physical activity is an important component of a healthy lifestyle and the benefits of regular exercise have been well established. Adopting your fitness routine to include more interval training can bring great benefits to your energy levels, body composition, and overall fitness. If you are exercising regularly, you’re already doing a great job at trying […]