MASHUP® in Asia!

11 April
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In 2018, MASHUP® held it’s first certification abroad and is now paving the way for setting the gold standard in Variable-intensity Interval Training world-wide. By November 2019, we will have certified coaches teaching live classes in Singapore, China, and Thailand to name a few. Check out Master Trainer Jonathan Goh as delivers certification workshops abroad. […]

How To Help Reduce The Risk Of Personal Injury When Working Out

31 January

Staying injury-free is a cornerstone here at MASHUP®. That is one reason why we always remind you to listen to your body and choose the fitness level you feel is appropriate for each exercise in our workouts. If you become injured and have to sit out for several weeks…it makes it a lot more difficult to achieve your […]

Healthy Gift Ideas!

14 December

Here at MASHUP®, health and fitness is something we want to share with our family and friends around the clock. This year we put together some fun ideas of things that your loved ones may not already have. We can’t think of a better way to encourage healthier living this all year long! Everything we […]

How Bone Broth Can Improve Your Health

20 October

Want to enhance your health kick this fall? Bone broth is a simple food that can be incorporated into anyone’s nutritional plan that reaps numerous benefits. Let’s check them out! Anti-aging Effects Have you heard of the benefits of collagen? Well, bone broth is full of it! While many people experience different results, studies have […]

Essential Oils for Fitness

21 February

Essential oils have gained popularity over the last several years due to their health benefits as well as their therapeutic incentives. They have proven their effectiveness and are now showing that they can also enhance not only your workout experience but also your athletic performance. MASHUP™ always advocates nutrition to be 80% of your physical […]

One of the Most Popular Health Movements for 2017…Plus, a Great Opportunity

09 February

For years, the Paleo diet has been one of the most popular diets. However, as of December 3, 2016, more people searched on Google for the Ketogenic diet than for the Paleo diet. And the popularity of keto is only growing due to it’s many health benefits versus just being a temporary trend. Here at […]

10 Quick Exercises for Busy Entrepreneurs

18 November

Guest post provided by Sarah Smith Your office lifestyle and work activities need not be hindrances to your having an exercise program to lead to a healthy lifestyle. Taking a diet approach is significant, but not the only thing you need to keep healthy. You must accompany it with enough sleep and continuous exercise. Unfortunately, many […]

The Skinny on Detox and Your Body

12 September

It is all the rage to Detox these days and is advertised on many wellness sites as well as supplement sites. As a smart consumer you should first consider, “What does Detox really mean?” and “Why should I Detox in the first place?”   Before you fall for any marketing schemes or new magic Detox pill […]

You’re Quick Fitness This Labor Day!

05 September

If you are on holiday today, don’t forget to stay in check with your health and fitness goals!  Be sure to get in this 15-min. workout whether you are at home or at the gym! Also, remember to stay up to date on our class locator map and contact the coaches listed in your city […]

Sugar is Sugar Right?

06 July

All sugar is not created equal! For the longest time health and wellness gurus have used the mantra: Weight loss is simple math…referring to the “calories in calories out theory”. The theory states that if you reduce your calories of any quality, at the end of the day it does not matter what those calories […]