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14 July

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Mind/Body exercises are primarily Yoga and Pilates exercises based on western (Pilates) and eastern (Yoga) movements. These movements are the perfect ingredient to create a balanced workout. HITT (High-intensity interval training) and resistance training can create a damaging effect on the body while Mind/Body exercises elongate the muscles and increase flexibility. Many feel the weight of their workout as they leave the gym with their body feeling like it has just been put through the ringer. However, when Mind/Body movements are incorporated at the end or during the workout session, it can actually help one mentally and physically tackle their next workout with more stamina in addition to less recovery time being needed. Here is a quick and simple Mind/Body workout that anyone can do even if they have never stepped foot into a Yoga or Pilates studio. It will wet your appetite for more Mind/Body exercises to incorporate into your fitness regimen.

Quick and Simple 8-minute Mind/Body Workout

You can do this workout before or after your workout session!

Do each exercise for 1 minute

1)    Scissor Abs– Lay on your back and keep your legs straight and kick. Beginners may bend their knees. Press your low back into the mat and do not extend legs too far out at first. You do not want to feel this exercise in your back, but only in your abs.

2)    Bridge Lifts– Lay on your back and lift your back and glutes off of the mat. Your legs will be bent and you will be pressing off of your heels.

3)    Breast Stroke– Lay on your stomach and proceed to move just as if you were in the water by extending your arms over the head and down to the side lifting your legs as you progress and get stronger. Beginners can do their arms only.

4)    Bird Dog– On all fours extend opposite arm and leg and touch your elbow to the opposite knee under the body

5)    Repeat Bird Dog on opposite side

6)    Smile– Lay on your side and abduct and raise your arm and torso up to reach the leg in the air

7)    Smile on opposite side

8)    Wind Mill– While sitting extend your arms straight out to the side and with knees bent and stationary twist the torso and arms side to side.

Try this great introduction to Mind/Body workouts and see what all the buzz is about. You will be feeling better and stronger than ever with this great new addition to your routine. Our MASHUP™ formula always incorporate short Mind /Body segments into every workout. Check out some you tube examples at…





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