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Does Your Gym Offer MASHUP™? It Should.

14 December

Here is a guest post from Custom On It at  It’s a great company if you ever need customized items for family/work events or your company.  They have been great to work with! MASHUP Does Your Gym Offer MASHUP™? It Should. Mind/Body, Agility & Strength, and High-intensity Intervals MASHUP™ had its beginnings nearly 3 years ago as a […]

4th of July Fitness and Food!

02 July

 If you want to stay on track this holiday, here is a quick 15-minute workout to do the morning of and a few recipe ideas to try out. Otherwise, wherever you find yourself celebrating, remember to indulge in moderation and get back on track the next day. Have a safe holiday! The Workout Do each […]

Is My Workout Making Me Fat??

24 June

As fitness and health professionals for years, we occasionally get asked this question. It is almost comical because when we start to see progress some of our clients get discouraged. They say, “I cannot fit into my skinny jeans”,“My legs feel huge”, “Am I bulking up?” This could be for a number of reasons: Fat […]

Top Ten Holiday Health Tips

12 December

1. Keep Up Routine. Even if time is even harder to come by during the holidays, try to shoot for at least 15 minutes of purposeful exercise a day.  To maximize your efforts, turn it up a notch and do high-intensity intervals which can be more beneficial than spending longer periods of time doing any kind […]

Pain in the Neck

09 December

Many struggle with the day to day aches and pains. Two of the most common bodily irritants are neck and shoulder pain which can also lead to headaches and migraines. Poor posture can be from too much sitting and slouching over the computer or the stress from daily living. We always tell our clients to […]

Not a Nut??

13 October

  Yes! It is true contrary to what you have always been told…peanuts are not really a nut, they are a legume! Legumes are actually less beneficial to your diet because they contain “anti-nutrients” that are found in all grains as well causing inflammation in the body and preventing the absorption of beneficial nutrients you […]

HITT Makes your Brain Better!

02 October

Do you ever forget one of your eight passwords on your computer? Lose your keys for the second time in a week? Leave the house without your wallet? Wouldn’t it be great if your workout could actually help boost your brainpower? Well it can! As if we haven’t heard enough benefits from High-intensity interval training […]

One Exercise That Rocks Your Body

23 September

If you only have limited time and you had to pick just one exercise to work your entire body: choose the Squat Thrust. We love incorporating this into our MASHUP® workouts in various ways at least once a week because you really get a lot of bang for your buck with this one. Squat thrusts use almost […]

Mashup Photo Shoot

11 September

 Mashup Photo Shoot In August, we met up with Johnny Latham (owner at Cowtown Paparazzi Photography) in Fort Worth to start gathering new material to work with for our upcoming projects.   He is so great to work with and we would highly recommend him for any of your personal, family, or business photography needs. […]

Healthy Mind + Body= Happy

23 August

Everyone who has taken a Mind/Body class has touted they feel better, more rested and even happier when it is finished. However, new research proves this is not just an opinion, but also actually a fact. Down dogs literally help turn your frown upside down! Yoga is a popular and well-known mind/body practice. Many yogis […]