Archive | August, 2014

Healthy Mind + Body= Happy

23 August

Everyone who has taken a Mind/Body class has touted they feel better, more rested and even happier when it is finished. However, new research proves this is not just an opinion, but also actually a fact. Down dogs literally help turn your frown upside down! Yoga is a popular and well-known mind/body practice. Many yogis […]

Eat and Drink What You Are Made Of!

11 August

More than half of your body weight is water. Water is essential to our survival. Your body’s percentage of water is also a measure of your health. In general, men should aim for a total body water percentage between 50% and 65 %, while the ideal range for women is between 45 and 60 percent. […]

Balance Your HIIT Workout to Keep You Injury Free

04 August

Have a bad knee, back or other injury? People are afraid to aggravate old injuries. Therefore, they pass up HIIT workouts every day which has prevented many from experiencing the numerous benefits of HIIT training. If you train in a balanced style of interval training you can stay injury free and get in the fitness […]