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Check Out Those Arms!

30 July

Summer is in full swing and with the hot weather everyone’s arms are on display. Having a good sculpting routine will shape up your arms so you can put your best bicep forward and feel confident in your tank top. Eating right is 80% of the battle affecting your physique and 20% is your workout. […]

Balance Your Workouts and Your Life

14 July

  Mind/Body exercises are primarily Yoga and Pilates exercises based on western (Pilates) and eastern (Yoga) movements. These movements are the perfect ingredient to create a balanced workout. HITT (High-intensity interval training) and resistance training can create a damaging effect on the body while Mind/Body exercises elongate the muscles and increase flexibility. Many feel the […]

Dark Chocolate for Good Guts

02 July

  More often than not we encounter clients who have gut problems no doubt caused by our country’s poor eating epidemic. It seems like more and more research is proving it does not matter how hard we work out if we do not monitor what we put in our mouth. We hear a lot of […]