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23 June


Most of could agree that we struggle to get in the recommended amount of 6 servings of vegetables. We hate to admit that most days we are right there with ya! However, you can at least maximize your health benefits and fat-burning potential by sticking with the cruciferous ones when you are able to sneak some veggies in.

A Few Benefits:

  • Decrease Your Belly Fat

These vegetables have the ability to ward off a special phytonutrient, indole-3-carbinol (I3C), in our environment and diet, which comes from estrogens we are exposed to (pesticides, plastics and soy). These estrogens have been linked to high levels of belly fat. Eating more cruciferous vegetables will help combat those fat stores.

  • Preserve Your Youth

Similar to the benefits of Human Growth Hormone (HGH), studies have shown that cruciferous vegetables have anti-aging benefits.  Did you know that even if you only consume up to two cups of these vegetables a day, that you could reduce your oxidative stress by 22% in three weeks?

  • Enhance Your Fat Loss Efforts and Improve Digestion

These cruciferous friends are high in fiber, which will help promote healthier digestion and contributes to fat loss. Steer clear of all those processed foods boasting their high-fiber content. They are chocked full of preservatives and additives that our bodies aren’t meant to consume. Not to mention, that most of those items contain sugars and starches that will cause inflammation in your body, which will negate your fat loss efforts. Did you know that you could get in all of the fiber you need in a day by eating just 3 cups of broccoli?

  • Lower Your Cancer Risk

The American Institute for Cancer Research says that these vegetables have demonstrated the ability to stop cancer cell growth in lung, colon, liver, cervix, prostate, endometrial, and breast cancer. So eat up! Here is a Cancer-Fighting Cruciferous Salad you can try.

  • Improve Your Immune System

Studies show that there are specific proteins in cruciferous vegetables may have an important role in your gut health. These proteins can boost your immune cell production, which will help fight against chronic inflammation (root of all disease!) and bacterial infections.

Now Here’s Your Shopping List…

Swiss Chard     Turnips     Radishes     Kale     Broccoli

Arugula     Collard Greens     Watercress     Cauliflower

Brussels Sprouts     Rutabaga     Cabbage     Bok Choy



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