Stewardship of Healthy Living


A Biblical-based seminar pointing towards spiritual truths that our health is a means of praise.  This seminar can be done on it’s own or it can be implemented with one of our DVDs such as TEMPO. Groups may either purchase the seminar  for sharing during seminar implementation.



We have a passion for the health and well being of God’s people and aim to educate, motivate and inspire individuals to achieve and maintain optimal wellness.  This seminar helps to bring awareness and share the importance of embracing a positive and healthy lifestyle incorporating the body, mind, and spirit!   Stewardship of Healthy Living 101 points towards biblical truths about physical health: living a healthy lifestyle is not vain, but an issue of stewardship of God’s amazing gift to us, our physical bodies.  With 15 years of experience in fitness and nutrition, our seminar focuses on creating the realization for individuals that no matter what their schedule, healthy living is a vital part of their life and spiritual well being.  We discuss real life questions and issues surrounding every day health and wellness as defined by scripture, not the world.  The seminar contains three parts: Why?, How?, and What? which can be implemented in one more extensive session (3-6 hours), a three-part series (1-2 hours each), or a six-part series depending on your group’s needs (45-60 min. each).  A 24 day study is included for individuals wanting to implement the study on their own with the option of group participants utilizing it along with their group discussions. The TEMPO DVD is included as part of the seminar so that a short group workout can be part of the seminar.  The workouts are designed for Levels 1, 2, and 3 and are only 15-minutes in length so that they can be easily incorporated.

*Supplies recommended include 1 yoga mat and set of light hand weights per individual, healthy snacks/water, comfortable workout attire, and paper/pencils for note taking. Note: Seminar can be purchased with 1 TEMPO DVD for group to share or a minimum of 10 DVDs at wholesale cost for groups of individuals wanting their own DVD to use at home as well.


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