Pain in the Neck

09 December

Many struggle with the day to day aches and pains. Two of the most common bodily irritants are neck and shoulder pain which can also lead to headaches and migraines. Poor posture can be from too much sitting and slouching over the computer or the stress from daily living. We always tell our clients to imagine holding their arms out straight all day and of course their shoulders would be sore. The same thing happens when we hold our head in front of our shoulders and are not in proper alignment. Also, stress and posture aggravate one another because poor posture causes pain which causes stress and the cycle continues. The good news is that we can have find relief without medication with both Pilates and Yoga moves!

Here is a quick workout routine that you can do 4-5x a week even in a small space at your office to help with muscle tension and soreness in your neck and shoulders and help with your posture.

5-Minute Pain in the Neck Routine

Do each exercise 1 minute

  • Hold your finger in front of your nose out 6 inches and move your nose to touch your finger and then back to natural alignment. (think walk like an Egyptian dance from the 80’s)
  • Do large arm circles back with straight arms while sitting in your chair with your back against the chair.
  • Do breast stroke arms on the floor or sitting in your chair with your body bowed forward then raising your torso up as you pull your arms back.
  • Do scapular retraction against a wall standing or in your chair sitting with your back against the chair. Keep your arms tight at sides in a L formation in front and rotate arms to side so that you are squeezing and compressing your shoulder blades together and your arms are out to the side and then bring them to the front again. Repeat for 1 minute.
  • Swimming on stomach on floor or bowed over in a chair. Bend over keeping your arms straight and lift and lower straight arms looking at the ground to keep your neck in alignment. If you are laying on the ground you can lift and lower opposite legs as you lift arms.


These simple movements can be done in the middle of your day to energize you and distress your body so that you can get the most out of your day. Best of all, it will start to train your body to get into the proper alignment and will stave off bad posture habits that are a culprit in neck pain.   So ditch that stress and neck pain and get on track to a better pain free way of life.

Mashup also recommends adding a scientific fitness routine that combines Mind Body, Agility and Strength and true High-intensity intervals to give you even better stress reduction and results. So kick that pain in the neck and start living the life you have always wanted.

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