Naturally beautiful.

16 April

Note from Mashup: One of our tenets of health (Tenet #5) is to remove toxins from your diet and environment in order to reach optimal wellness. As part of that, we strive to use natural skin care products as much as possible. One that we have really enjoyed using is Everbelle because it is made with coconut oil which has numerous health benefits.  It is also our one-stop shop for lip balm, eye cream, hair smoothing, etc. We asked that Everbelle to do a guest post for us on their product so we could share more information about it!


Naturally beautiful.

by Everbelle

There are so many choices for skincare these days, it can be overwhelming for a busy gal! Not only do you have to watch out for things like toxins and parabens (these are detected in 99% of all breast cancer tissues sampled-yikes!), you also have to stuff a million different eye creams, hand lotions and lip balms in your purse!

Everbelle was created by Julie and Tasha, two friends that live in Los Angeles. Seeking to combine the luxurious and organic attitude of California, Julie and Tasha created a 100% natural body balm to use anywhere and everywhere! Everbelle was created for people on the go who love multi-use products. A dollop will moisturize your entire body. A dab will create shiny hair. Just a bit will smooth your lips, rejuvenate tired feet, or smooth those over worked hands and cuticles!

The best part about Everbelle is that it’s made of completely pure, all-natural ingredients. It’s all of the good stuff and none of the bad!  


Finally, Everbelle gets its name from Julie and Tasha’s oldest children, wonderful little girls’ named Everleigh and Anabelle. As fate would have it, Everbelle also means “forever beautiful”, and that was always Julie and Tasha’s goal!

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