Mind-Body Matters!!

24 April


by Stacy Redwine, Co-Owner

As a mom of five and a wife to a husband in ministry (which can be very stressful at times), I am here to persuade you to never, never, never leave mind-body exercises out of your fitness routine.

Here is why:

The mind-body connection can be as effective as medical therapy is for your health! Most of us living on this earth have stress in our life for one reason or another.  Whether it is due to family, job, health, finances, or you name it, we all carry some burden or another.   It is very important that we deal with this culprit called stress in a healthy way or it will take a toll on our health.  Notice again the use of the word “will” not “if”.  Stress will affect your health so listen carefully to this message before stress impacts you or your family in a negative way.

Last year my husband came down with a rare prostate infection due to stress.  His stress level was so high that it triggered inflammation in his whole pelvic area.  He was under strict doctors orders to reduce stress and limit take a leave off of work until his inflammation went down.  He started a strict yoga routine and limited outside contact until the inflammation went down.  I was shocked because I thought ibuprofen could just reduce all the inflammation and we could go about our lives as normal.  I was wrong!

Regardless of your position on faith, we all have to admit that our body is made up of physical and mental/spiritual components which are intertwined and affect one another our entire lives.  Therefore, we need to get a handle on how we take care of our mental/spiritual self if we want to have a healthy body.

Scientist and doctors are finding more and more the affects of the stress on our body.   Exercise has been touted the best preventative medicine for most physical ailments.  One of the key ways our body eliminates stress is through mind-body exercises and mindful meditation.  Meditation may be as effective as drug therapy for people with mild symptoms of anxiety and depression according to a comprehensive review of studies that together included 3,515 participants published in JAMA Internal Medicine .

In the ACE Fitness Journal of April 2014, Dr. Madhav Goyal of John Hopkins University stated , “A lot of people use meditation, but it is not a practice considered part of mainstream medical therapy for anything, but in our study meditation appeared to provide as much relief from anxiety and depression symptoms as what other studies have found from antidepressants”

With that said, I highly recommend that you start planning how you will incorporate mind-body exercises and meditation into your fitness regimen!

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