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MASHUP® is the only established Variable-intensity Interval Training (VIIT) program in the industry. It delivers a group training experience inclusive for all types of individuals that is offered in group fitness programming without a gym license. MASHUP® is a turn-key program providing you with all of the tools necessary to effectively deliver a VIIT program combining Mind/Body, Agility & Strength, and High-intensity intervals for three fitness levels in every workout.  MASHUP® is an ideal program for instructors and personal trainers wanting to forget about choreography, insert their own creative skills while minimizing preparation time and offer a program that caters to all populations simultaneously (including older adults)!

Certification Details

Certification Workshop

During this intensive one day workshop you will review the science of Variable-intensity Interval Training (VIIT), group fitness fundamentals, safety cueing, music coaching commands, and how to integrate MASHUP®’s holistic interval training components within each workout. The day includes a demo workout, practicum and written exam (an 85% is required to pass). You will receive a reference manual with several hundred exercise ideas, 3 whiteboards, 3 playlists, and a shirt to get you started! Facilities wanting to host click HERE for more info.

Post-workshop Assessment

After the cert workshop, you have 60 days to submit three 15-min. videos of yourself teaching a segment from each of the 3 formats to a minimum of two participants (can be a live class or two friends etc.). After that is complete, you will participate in a short conference call to receive feedback and then your certificate of completion will be sent via email.

Maintaining Your MASHUP® Certification

You have to keep current on your CPR and basic PT or group fitness cert. There is no recertification required.  Once you have become certified you are more than welcome to attend another workshop for free at any time.

Additional Materials

2. The day of your workshop, you will have the option to join MASHUP® Connect to receive new material every month for $14.99 (includes new playlist with embedded cues for one of the 3 formats and it rotates formats every month as well as 3 samples workouts-one for each format). There is no contract and can be cancelled at anytime.

*Prerequisites: Nationally recognized Group Fitness or Personal Training certification or a degree held in Exercise Phys/Kinesiology/Physical Therapy.  If candidate does not hold one of these prior to MASHUP® certifcation, they are permitted to be completed within 90 days of receiving the certification.  The remaining materials and certificates needed to begin implementing the program will be delivered to the coach upon completion of their prerequisite.

Daisha Enos sharing about her workshop experience!

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Fitness Fest April 26th-29th, Mesa, Arizona

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Upcoming Certifications 

Check back regularly for updates to the certification schedule as more will be added for 2018 then what is listed below or email info@mashupconditioning.com for facilities interested in hosting a workshop.

Dallas, TX, May 19th, 8a-5p

Mesa, AZ, May 20th 9a-6p

Fort Worth, TX, June 10th, 8a-5p

Pearland, TX (Houston Area), June 23th, 8a-5p

Dallas, TX, Aug. 23rd or 26th 8a-5p (TBA soon @ SCW Dallas MANIA)


Want to Host a Certification? Click HERE for more info.