MASHUP® and Pregnancy Testimony

06 June

MASHUP® co-founders, Jamie and Stacy can vouch that they had their healthiest pregnancies and post-pregnancy recovery while coaching MASHUP®  all the way up to 9 months .

Here is just another testimony from a MASHUP® coach demonstrating  how all body types can get something out of MASHUP®~

Kate W., MASHUP® Coach
“I ran through my first 3 pregnancies & did core training, but with this one (my 4th) I am in much better shape.

Advantages of MASHUP® in this pregnancy compared to the others are:
1. I have maintained a much better range of motion in joints, flexibility, balance & muscle tone 
2. I have less fat & swelling in my legs & arms.
3. I had bad calf cramping and foot swelling in the 3rd trimester with first 3 pregnancies….little to none at 38 weeks now.
4. I can do more at 38 weeks at age 37 than I could with any other pregnancies (lift heavy groceries, kids, etc)….I feel this is due to having a consistent regimen of weights, HIIT, Pilates/yoga that I would not have done on my own.
5. The 3 levels of each activity allowed me to do HIIT intervals & get my heart rate up high 30sec at a time even late in the 3rd trimester. It’s a short enough time to stay safe & get my heart rate up in a way I never could doing running intervals….leading to less stress on my body & more advantages of cardio in smaller amounts of time (compared to my old interval running).” 

Kate went on to deliver a healthy baby boy June 5th, 2016.

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