Mashup 45-Day Challenge

16 April

Are you looking for a change in your health and fitness? Maybe you know what you should be doing, but don’t know where to start?  Or maybe this is the first time ever you have considered taking the first step towards better health.

Welcome to our 45-Day Challenge!

Due to many of our clients wanting daily accountability and motivation, we designed a 45-day challenge to motivate you down the desired path to optimal wellness! We would love it if you would consider taking this 45-day journey with us as we provide you with daily reminders for exercise, Mashup-approved healthy recipe ideas, numerous articles related to health and fitness, our eating guide, and access to some of our digital workouts.

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Tenets of Health

We are the first to admit that effective exercise is only one component of numerous other factors contributing towards optimal wellness. As part of our challenge, we include our 8 Tenets of health covering topics ranging from nutrition, to sleep, to promoting stress reduction, removing toxins from your body and several more.  We hope that you will take away new knowledge and be able to apply it to your lifestyle to give you the most potential to have success.  Numerous individuals have taken our challenge for different reasons.   Some of us are stronger in areas such as fitness while others of us are stronger in areas of nutrition etc.  You need to dig deep and recognize what you are already successful at so you can focus on what areas you need more help with.

So do you think you can do this?

How is This Going to Happen?

Once you sign up, you will receive a confirmation email followed by your welcome email.  On day 1 and day 45 you will receive an email asking you to submit your pre and post challenge photos and at least one measurement such as waist circumference, body % fat, weight, or blood pressure.  This is completely optional and is not required to experience the 45 days.  However, if you go all in and give us your pre and post information along with utilizing our workouts then you will be eligible for a prize of your choice!

We hope to see you begin this challenge as one person and come out the other end transformed!

Here’s a testimony from one of our participants…

Lori Post-ChallengeLori front pre and post challenge


I think I was successful in this challenge mainly because of the different levels/modifications that are made. When I started Mash Up, I couldn’t do certain exercises. I would start with the Level 1 and eventually I worked my way up to a Level 3. Also, the fact that I could get in a complete workout in 15 minutes was a great motivator. I, like most people, am extremely busy. Since I could get in a great workout in 15 minutes, I couldn’t ever say I didn’t have time. I’d totally recommend Mash Up for anyone!!!~ Lori B.

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