How To Help Reduce The Risk Of Personal Injury When Working Out

31 January

Staying injury-free is a cornerstone here at MASHUP®. That is one reason why we always remind you to listen to your body and choose the fitness level you feel is appropriate for each exercise in our workouts. If you become injured and have to sit out for several weeks…it makes it a lot more difficult to achieve your health and fitness goals. On the flip side…if you have a chronic condition or injury that is here to stay, MASHUP® is designed in such a way where you can still get a great full-body workout (there’s no such thing as targeting specific areas with our program) as long as your being mindful of your limitations. Let’s say you have a knee injury and we are doing a squat to a shoulder press…you could perform a quarter knee bend with the shoulder press or leave out the lower body component completely (any movement is better than no movement). Also, doing MASHUP® is a great to ensure you are working in a recovery and dynamic stretching component built within your workout during our Mindbody segments…versus skipping out early when many people are tempted to leave during core strength and stretching at the end of most other types of classes.  Find a MASHUP® coach in your area or workout with us online or with Lifestyle Jules (certified MASHUP® coach) on her Facebook Live every Thursday and Sunday morning! Below is a guest post by Adeline Robinson focusing on this topic. Enjoy!


Maybe you consider yourself a health buff. You take care of your health by eating the greenest selection available, and you don’t mind spending hours at the gym. You love working out, that’s why you’d try your best to visit your gym even if the weather’s bad or even if you have a very tight schedule. You’ve been trying to workout every day for at least an hour, and fortunately, you’ve never missed a single session. However, since you’re dealing with weights and complicated machines when working out, do you realize that you’re at risk of sustaining personal injuries? Sure, your trainers might look after you, but they cannot safeguard your safety all the time.

The possibility of you sustaining personal injuries while working out will always be there. Although you’re very careful in what you do within the gym premises, you might not notice that you’re already doing something wrong with your body which can eventually lead to personal injuries. Aside from being cautious all the time, you can follow these tips to reduce the risk of personal injury when working out:

1. Know your body first:

It’s best when you know what you’re dealing with before you even start to work out. Sure, you probably would want to lose weight or stay fit in the long run but do you actually know what your body is capable of doing? Before you continue with your daily gym sessions, take the time to visit your local orthopedic doctor and have yourself checked. This is a great avenue for you to know which specific areas of your body are you weak. For example, if you’ll find out that you have weak knees, you’d stray away from workouts like running a treadmill, leg presses and using a stepper. And since you know which body areas are your weaknesses, you can work with your personal trainer in giving you workout routines which are tailored-fit for your body.

 2. Don’t do too much (or basically everything) too early in the morning:

You might have read in several sources that it’s better to do your workout in the morning. That’s relatively true when your morning routines merely involve a walk or jog in the park, but if you’re doing rigorous activities too early in the morning, that’s another story. Your blood circulation is the worst the moment you wake up – risks of sprains and strains are high during this time. So for you to avoid this, make sure that you have a good night sleep and don’t start your day with heavy lifting right away. Take your time to warm up and keep your activities light as possible.

3. Remember to stretch more after your workouts:

This might come as a surprise to you but doing your stretches after your workouts are more important than the ones you actually do before the workout. If you’re wondering why, simple – your muscles are pumped up whenever you workout and you need to do stretching to cool everything down. Stretching after your workouts will also flush out lactic acid and will lead you to better muscle flexibility.

4. Don’t focus on your body’s problem areas:

Your workout should never focus on one area of your body because doing this leads to overuse and repetitive use injuries. There might be some parts of your body which you’re very insecure of (e.g., your abs or flabby arms) but this shouldn’t be the only thing you’ll be working out during your entire stay at the gym. Instead, create a schedule that will allow you to exercise all parts of your body to avoid injuries. You can have arm day for Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, and abs during the other days. This will also give your muscles ample time to rest and recover from your rigorous workout routines.5. Never attempt to exercise when you already have an injury:

Because you’re a certified health buff (and you’re all for working out regularly), you might be tempted to visit the gym even if you feel like you’ve been in an auto accident because of an injury. You might have the notion that extra sessions in the gym will make your injuries better and you’ll be back to your normal routine in no time. Sorry to burst your bubble but your body doesn’t work that way. If you push yourself to do workouts even if you’re already injured, chances are, your injuries will worsen, and you’ll end up needing more time for rest.

The notion that you might acquire a personal injury while working out shouldn’t hinder from visiting your local gym. Your body benefits a lot whenever you’re working out, and that’s reason enough for you to continue what you’re already doing. As long as you keep in mind the tips presented in this article, you’ll stray away from the risk of having a personal injury when working out – without compromising the fun you might get during your whole workout experience!


Adeline Robinson
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