Healthy Moms Rule

11 May


Moms do so much for us that most of us never stop to think about all the things they have taught us over the years until this very special day comes around.  Moms have such a powerful influence on their children.  Many things they teach us happen without even saying a word.  Being healthy is a great gift a mom can give her children.  Some of the best moms take time out for themselves every day so they can be a better mom.  Here are some truths about healthy moms and their children:

Children Follow the Leader

We always tell our kids to eat healthy.  Being such a significant influence on our children, we have to walk the talk.  Lead by example and eat what you want your kids to eat.  You would never want your kids to have 6 diet cokes and a bag of chips for a day.   Many times we feed our kids vegetables and as moms we grab a granola bar and soda.  Start eating the veggies with them or grabbing an apple, some almonds, and water instead.

Children with Active Moms are Naturally More Active Even Into Adulthood 

As an adult it so much easier to stay motivated to workout knowing all the benefits of doing so.  Kids heavily rely on things being modeled to them when they are young before they can begin to understand the why of doing something.

High-intensity Intervals=More Endorphins=More Human Growth Hormone=Happy Mom!

Many moms try to give their kids every second of their day without realizing that if they workout they will be in a much better mood and more energized.  This doesn’t require significant amounts of kid-free time to get this done.  In fact, you can workout when you are with your children.

Include your kiddos in on the workout fun making it a team effort!  You can get in a short hiit workout with your kids.  Your kids will think its fun and they will push you! Here is a fun workout that is quick and effective!

Do each exercise for 30 seconds at high-intensity each and recover for 30 seconds repeating the three times for a 15-minute workout.

1)    High Knees down the driveway (see who wins)

2)    Air Jacks (count who can do the most in 30 seconds)

3)    Burpees (give each other a high five after each)

4)    Alternating Front Kicks (see who can kick the highest)

5)    Sprint (race your kiddo)

In everything set them an example by doing what is good. In your teaching show integrity, seriousness      Titus 2:7

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