Gear Up Your Glutes

02 June


Men and women alike strive to have a good-looking backside. Here are some proven exercises most trainers agree get the job done effectively and with little or no equipment so you can get a quick workout in on the go. This is a great routine to do on vacation along with a short interval cardio workout. Whether it is a brisk walk on the beach or a few quick sprints, both are great combined with this strength workout. If you want to really focus on the glutes alone, combine this strength routine with a stair climbing cardio session or climb the stairs at your hotel. Try this workout a few times a week to notice results as you revamp your backside.

Sure Thing for a Great Backside Routine

Perform this routine 2-3x a week. Do each exercise for 1 minute.  Add weight with dumbbells or kettle bells for increased intensity. Repeat sequence for a 10-minute workout.

1. Step ups Right lead on a platform (1-2 feet high)

2. Step ups Left lead on a platform

step ups

3. Bridge Lifts

bridge lifts


4. Side Lunges

side lunges

5. Goblet Squats- lower down slowly, hold the squat for ½ second and explode up

goblet squats

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