What Does Your Diet Look Like Everyday?

14 March

Forget Diet Trends and Fads and Start Living Healthier Everyday!

We are excited to partner with the Sunflower Shoppe located in Fort Worth and Colleyville, Texas, to bring a go to resource for individuals needing help revamping their lifestyle habits; especially since physical activity is only one small piece of the puzzle when it comes to improving your health.  Their nutritional program gets back to the basics of natural, unprocessed food that our bodies are meant to thrive off of and offers a realistic approach to something that is sustainable for the long-haul.  It is a great foundation to begin with that is easily adaptable based on each individuals health needs (allergies/autoimmune disorders) or food preferences (vegan/vegetarian/omnivore).  We are huge advocates for this (as manifested in our Mashup DVDs/5X More Group Training nutritional guidelines ) type of nutrition because it promotes decreasing inflammation in the body for which inflammation is the root of most chronic conditions and disease.  Our focus is to help individuals understand that they should be running towards optimal wellness and not appearance-based results.  Many times, when individuals focus on the bigger picture of health they then naturally experience side effects such as fat loss and improved energy levels to name a few.

Read more about the Every Day Diet and go check it out if you live in the DFW area!


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Everyday Diet Starter Kit




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