Check Out Those Arms!

30 July


Summer is in full swing and with the hot weather everyone’s arms are on display. Having a good sculpting routine will shape up your arms so you can put your best bicep forward and feel confident in your tank top. Eating right is 80% of the battle affecting your physique and 20% is your workout. Remember to eat mainly one ingredient foods to keep your eating simple. Even when you are on vacation you can find plenty of options. Here is a quick workout that will have your arms looking great in as little as 10 min. a few times a week.

Do each exercise for 1 minute and repeat 2x to complete 10 minutes.

1)    Push-ups – level 1 can do them on a wall, level 2 can do them on your knees, level 3 can do them in full plank and touch chest to the ground.

2)    Chair Tricep Dips- Level 1 bend your knees and put more weight in your legs, Level 2 straighten out your legs and lean more of your weight on your hands, Level 3 keep legs straight and bring body lower and keep weight in hands.

3)    Arm Circles with Dumbells- Standing make large circles to the sides keep your chest out shoulders back. Add more weight 5-10lbs for more challenge.

4)    Overhead Triceps- standing bring arms overhead with dumbbell and straighten over the head. Use heavier weight to provide more challenge if needed. 8-15lbs. recommended.

5)    Standing Punches with dumbbells- Use 3-10lb. dumbbells and punch with weights in your hands.


All of the above exercises also work your core muscles as an added bonus! In 5x more group training programs the Agility and Strength portion is a lot like the above workout combining multiple muscle groups so you get more bang for your workout minutes. Watch our youtube links to see more of our routines that will keep you looking and feeling strong all summer long!

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