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Gear Up for Fall with the Right Apparel!

12 September

We have teamed up with Under Armour and Required Team Gear to bring you the best prices for you apparel needs this fall! As a subscriber of Mashup, you receive a special discount that is valid until 9/21/14! Visit, click “Create Account” and enter code 825296 to get your deal on!  One of our […]

Mashup Photo Shoot

11 September

 Mashup Photo Shoot In August, we met up with Johnny Latham (owner at Cowtown Paparazzi Photography) in Fort Worth to start gathering new material to work with for our upcoming projects.   He is so great to work with and we would highly recommend him for any of your personal, family, or business photography needs. […]

Healthy Mind + Body= Happy

23 August

Everyone who has taken a Mind/Body class has touted they feel better, more rested and even happier when it is finished. However, new research proves this is not just an opinion, but also actually a fact. Down dogs literally help turn your frown upside down! Yoga is a popular and well-known mind/body practice. Many yogis […]

Check Out Those Arms!

30 July

Summer is in full swing and with the hot weather everyone’s arms are on display. Having a good sculpting routine will shape up your arms so you can put your best bicep forward and feel confident in your tank top. Eating right is 80% of the battle affecting your physique and 20% is your workout. […]

Gear Up Your Glutes

02 June

Men and women alike strive to have a good-looking backside. Here are some proven exercises most trainers agree get the job done effectively and with little or no equipment so you can get a quick workout in on the go. This is a great routine to do on vacation along with a short interval cardio […]

Don’t “Waste” Time Just Stretching!

25 May

  Everyone has a jam-packed schedule. Who has time to waste? No one! That is why you must catch on to this fitness secret that will keep you limber and relaxed as well as toned and tightened in a small amount of time so that you can always fit it into your busy schedule.   If […]

4 Reasons Weight Training is a Must!

04 May

Strength training benefits all ages and should be considered part of everyone’s fitness regimen.  Here are four serious reasons to hit the weights: 1)    For your Metabolism Mojo Rev up your metabolism by performing regular strength training sessions.    As former marathon runners it is natural for us to think we can run this weight off.  […]

Mind-Body Matters!!

24 April

by Stacy Redwine, Co-Owner As a mom of five and a wife to a husband in ministry (which can be very stressful at times), I am here to persuade you to never, never, never leave mind-body exercises out of your fitness routine. Here is why: The mind-body connection can be as effective as medical therapy […]

One-stop Shop for All Things Health and Fitness Related

11 March

We have been speaking with two great guys, T. C. and Derrick, that we are looking forward to collaborating with on our health and fitness efforts.  They have created a unique platform that will benefit the industry and the lives of many individuals. Passion We love all things health and fitness related to the body, mind, […]