Mind-Body Matters!!

24 April

by Stacy Redwine, Co-Owner As a mom of five and a wife to a husband in ministry (which can be very stressful at times), I am here to persuade you to never, never, never leave mind-body exercises out of your fitness routine. Here is why: The mind-body connection can be as effective as medical therapy […]

Is HIIT For Everyone?

25 March

A big misconception is that high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is only for those who are experienced.  The truth is that anybody can and should do HIIT do due the tremendous health benefits associated with it. The question is how. Any individual can do HIIT, as long as the level or mode is appropriate for that […]

Our videographer and his wife are becoming missionary filmmakers!

14 March

MASH Up Conditioning will be donating $1 for every DVD purchased towards their fundraising efforts. Our videographer, Tony and his wife Emily Johnson are in the process of becoming missionary filmmakers to Europe and are serving with ReachGlobal. Tony and Emily grew up in the same town and got married in 2010. For the last few […]

What Does Your Diet Look Like Everyday?

14 March

Forget Diet Trends and Fads and Start Living Healthier Everyday! We are excited to partner with the Sunflower Shoppe located in Fort Worth and Colleyville, Texas, to bring a go to resource for individuals needing help revamping their lifestyle habits; especially since physical activity is only one small piece of the puzzle when it comes to […]

One-stop Shop for All Things Health and Fitness Related

11 March

We have been speaking with two great guys, T. C. and Derrick, that we are looking forward to collaborating with on our health and fitness efforts.  They have created a unique platform that will benefit the industry and the lives of many individuals. Passion We love all things health and fitness related to the body, mind, […]

Latest News: Yes, Short Intense Workouts Do Work

09 March

Physical activity is an important component of a healthy lifestyle and the benefits of regular exercise have been well established. Adopting your fitness routine to include more interval training can bring great benefits to your energy levels, body composition, and overall fitness. If you are exercising regularly, you’re already doing a great job at trying […]