4 Reasons Weight Training is a Must!

04 May


Strength training benefits all ages and should be considered part of everyone’s fitness regimen.  Here are four serious reasons to hit the weights:

1)    For your Metabolism Mojo

Rev up your metabolism by performing regular strength training sessions.    As former marathon runners it is natural for us to think we can run this weight off.  However it is shocking to line up for a 26.2-mile race and see overweight participants.  How is this possible? Many waste their precious time doing long cardio sessions never seeing the results they desire.  Here is why…

Michele Olson, Ph.D.  A FITNESS advisory board member and professor of exercise science at Auburn University in Alabama states, ”Starting around the age of 35 women lose 5-10% of their lean muscle mass per decade.”  She also says “So when you are 45 even if you weigh the same as you used to, you probably lost about 8 lbs. of muscle and replaced it with 8 lbs. of fat” And that switcheroo leads to a 48 calorie a day decrease in your resting metabolic rate (RMR).  It may not sound like much, but it adds up to about 5 lbs. of fat gained a year.  Olson also adds that, “Studies have found that women who do eight to 12 reps of 3 upper and three lower body exercises 4 times a week using moderately heavy weights can gain about a pound of muscle each month.”

2)    Strengthen Your Bones

As many women get older, they are faced with bone density problems that weight- bearing exercises can help prevent bone density loss and osteoporosis.   Let’s face it, many of us will be staring at the ground with a curved back if we do not maintain our bone density and now we know how through weight-bearing strength training exercises.

3)    Lower Your Blood Pressure

Strength training can be beneficial for the prevention and treatment of high blood pressure.  It strengthens the heart allowing it to beat more efficiently.  Given that high blood pressure is one of the silent killers in America, it is to our benefit to engage in strength regardless of where we fall on the spectrum of health.

4)    Make Life Easier

Agility and strength exercises make balance, stability and everyday activities easier.  You can do functional training exercises that are like practice for everyday movements.  Also you can correct muscle imbalances that cause back pain for many individuals.

We are very passionate about helping individuals improve their quality of life, which is why our 5XM workout format is based around true functional training.