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Not a Nut??

13 October

  Yes! It is true contrary to what you have always been told…peanuts are not really a nut, they are a legume! Legumes are actually less beneficial to your diet because they contain “anti-nutrients” that are found in all grains as well causing inflammation in the body and preventing the absorption of beneficial nutrients you […]

Really great resource COMING SOON!

06 October

You will soon have the opportunity to attend this no-cost online event airing from October 13-20. A team of experts including doctors and other health educated individuals are speaking amongst several other  experts in family health. We are so excited to be able  to offer you a single resource that encompasses everything we are passionate about in helping you […]

HITT Makes your Brain Better!

02 October

Do you ever forget one of your eight passwords on your computer? Lose your keys for the second time in a week? Leave the house without your wallet? Wouldn’t it be great if your workout could actually help boost your brainpower? Well it can! As if we haven’t heard enough benefits from High-intensity interval training […]