Mashup Group Training


45 minutes of Group Training = 5-6 workouts so you only need to workout 2x/week!

Mashup Group Training maximizes your results and saves you time.

All Fitness Levels can do this workout!
Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced levels are shown for each exercise so that every level can safely achieve the maximum benefits of interval training.

See what a class typically looks like…


Already Have a Gym Membership?

Ask your facility if they offer Mashup. If not, get your favorite instructors and personal trainers to contact us today about joining our team and being able to coach you in ACE approved Mashup Group Training today.
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Contact one of our Mashup certified instructors in your area

Many Mashup instructors teach at multiple training facilities, so our map locations are very general. Please contact an instructor in your area to find out specific training schedules and locations.