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Why will you love MASHUP™?

MASHUP™ is a holistic training philosophy that is 5X more effective!

  • Demonstrates 3 different fitness levels

  •  Offers something for Yogis, Novices, Endurance Athletes, Weight lifters, HIIT fanatics, etc.

  • Utilizes the body’s 5 major muscle groups to maximize benefits

  • Can be taken as a 15, 30, or 45 minute class



Already Have a Gym Membership?

Ask your facility if they offer MASHUP™. If not, get your favorite instructors and personal trainers to contact us at about getting certified today.

Contact one a certified MASHUP™ coach in your area.

MASHUP™ coaches may offer classes at multiple fitness facilities. Please contact a coach in your area to find out specific class schedules and locations.